PHP Shop Overview

PHP Shop is a completely new e-commerce software from DeltaScripts. It lets you create a easy customizeable and manageable shop with all kind of Payment Vendors.

Contact us for price. You can also get this hosted at our partner website,, with additions.

Se demo in rigth margin! If our program is missing a couple of features you MUST have, contact us and we may implement it for free!

All text, both in user area and admin area, is in language files. Our demo is currently running norwegian language files.

Each product can be in many categories, you get three thumbnails version of the thumbnail and a lot of options.

The shop lets you integrate your own payment solution even withouth our help (requires the payment gateway to support POST/GET payment methods, this is the most supported method).

Main features

  • Unlimited categories and ulimited levels/subcats.
  • Unlimited number of products/orders/payment gateways.
  • One "masterpage.tpl" controls the entire layout: Easy to adapt you own design.
  • Extremly easy to set up and manage.
  • Invoice in HTML format.
    (And pdf if HTMLDoc is installed and you are running Linux)
  • ALL langauge in language files: Both user and admin area. All HTML in templates.
  • Nice layout from start: Makes it more fun!
  • WYSIWYG editor included (upload Flash, images etc) for the detailed page.
  • Different layout for different products.
  • Easy to move blocks in masterpage.tpl. If you for instance want login box another place on the page. Or one of the two navigation menus.
  • RSS Feed with news: Link to product, external URL or a custom page.
  • Unlimited number of custom WYWIWYG pages.

Payment Gateways supported out of the box
If you have a vendor not listed, we implement this for free if they support POST/GET method for simple payment on the payment vendors own page.

Live Demo
Launch User Area!
- Version 7.6

Launch Admin Area!
- Version 7.6
- User: admin
- Pass: admin

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