Features in PHP MatchMaker

Please note that this is not a complete list. There has been a lot of changes since v3.2, but they are not documented in this page yet. Version v3.4 was a large update. 


PHP MatchMaker V 3.5 21.09.2007

  • Newlines in mail.
  • Make sure only one match is MatchList on manual match.
  • Remove Empty subject line in language file (found during testing).
  • Small improvements here and there.

PHP MatchMaker V 3.2 12.11.2005

  • Bugfix release, all bugs reported was fixed.
  • Image verification on join.

PHP MatchMaker V 3.0 12.05.2005

  • Smarty template system, most user side code in html templates (edited templates kept at later upgrades)
  • Langauge system rewritten and all text displayed in user side is in language files (user values kept on later upgrades)
  • Member area and member services with more graphics/layout-effects and features
  • Newsletter with filter and custom fields for delivery by email, inbox or user preference
  • ImageMagick, GD and GD2 image thumbnail support
  • New payment system
  • Profile and/or Image Validation
  • Login history log, see autorized login and banned login
  • Administrator loginban of users by ip and/or name (or parts of ip/name) with custom message
  • Chat system
  • Most of the code rewritten
  • Video upload for direct playback on your website (three vendors supported)
  • Voting image gallery
  • Online-users image gallery, groupeable on age
  • Unlimited payment packages, customizeable
  • PayPal, 2CheckOut, WorldPay, Authorize.net, BeanStream supported (form based)
  • Manual payments (by admin)
  • Edit all user details from admin area
  • Gender symbols
  • Message reader for admin
  • Public visitor list on profile
  • New "word-look-a-like" guestbook, more compatible with different browsers
  • Send flirt messages
  • Many options from admin area
  • Improved User, payment and newsletter system
  • + Bugfixes

PHP MatchMaker V 2.3 16.11.2003

  • Inbox/Sentbox
  • Owner can comment his guestbook-entries
  • Uncompleted profiles list, with custom email-notification to those
  • Admin can access profiles without paying
  • Improved layout on Match list, image beside match
  • Improved layout on Visitor list, image beside visitor
  • Fixed a problem with user becoming another user
  • Uses POST instead of GET on critical sections
  • Only one emailaddress allowed
  • Chooseable image size from admin area
  • Chooseable number of images from admin area
  • + More (Bugfix list)

PHP MatchMaker V 2.2 24.09.2003

  • Fixed most bugs (Bugfix list)
  • Large speed improvements
  • Language file in english, norwegian, dutch and french
  • Most Viewed, Least Viewed and last 5 active on frontpage
  • Statistics on frontpage

PHP MatchMaker V 2.1 25.08.2003

  • Public Guestbook
  • Newsletter
  • Language-translator tool
  • Many small fixes, like to include the footer everywhere
  • Choose between demanding pay, free use or just member on:
    - View Profile
    - View ImageGallery
    - Upload Pictures
    - Contact User
    - Write in GuestBook
    - View GuestBook
    - View Browse Advanced
    - Webchat
    - Any more..
  • Manual Payments for offline processing in admin area
  • View only those paid in admin area
  • Search for users in admin area
  • Bugfixes
  • Translated some left out text
  • Both english and norwegian language file included
  • More listing options

PHP MatchMaker V 2.0 31.07.2003

  • Compatible with register_globals to off! (but will run with on also)
  • Object oriented PHP
  • ImageMagick support (where availble)
  • PayPal Payments supported
  • Unllimited profile-questions over one or many pages.
  • All user-side language in eng.php (except for index, chat and profile-page)
  • Profile-image
  • Image Gallery
  • FLASH Chat
  • Favorites
  • Guestbook
  • Visitors
  • Internal mail system
  • Template-system
  • Match-list with score
  • Simple/Advance search for non- and members
  • Inline search result on profile for easy browsing
  • Category-search on profile-questions
  • Who´s online
  • Chooseable mandatory questions
  • Image approve function
  • Chooseable "must-pay" sections
  • Member-payments for x months through PayPal
  • Created password sent to emailaddress for validation
  • Lost password function
  • Chooseable date-format
  • Chooseable smtp/sendmail
  • Chooseable Random picture for all or only paid users
  • Guest search
  • From member area
    - See members online and online where
    - Approve Images (if activated)
    - Profile questions set up
    - Delete users with mail/profile/etc
    - Payment history
    - Payment setup
    - # Num search/list results

PHP MatchMaker V 1.3 09.11.2002

  • ImageMagick support (where available)
  • User selectable way of getting news from admin
  • Lost password function
  • Admin area
    - Email users to their InBox or remote mailaddress (the user now choose on signup if they want the email here or there)
    - Set a profile as special on request from a user (ask the user to pay?)
    - See last login, and last viewed.
    - Get a list of those not logged in within x days, and choosable to delete those.

PHP MatchMaker V 1.1

  • Guest user can view profiles
  • Other types of search lists (only ad with pic f.ex.)
  • Bug-fixes
  • Admin area for superuser, delete users, see stats

PHP MatchMaker V 1.0

  • Admin program for making fields (checkbox, drop down etc)
  • User ControlPanel
    - Manage own profile (age, sex, interests etc)
    - Manage dream profile (whom you are looking for)
    - View statistics (who have seen your ads?)
    - View mail in the internal mail system
    - View matches along with matchscore
    - View list of favorites
    - Upload picture
    - Se how many that have you as their favorite
  • Search on gender, place, age (can be more parameters on request)
  • - Add user to your favorites
    - Send mail to the user
    - View searchresult along with profile
    - View picture
    - View last-login
  • Email to user when register.
  • Unlimited match, users etc (depends on your machine, basically)
  • List of latest ads in detailed view if not search.
  • <="" footer="" />
  • Simple monthly statistics in admin panel
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