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PHP Classifieds Product logoPHP Classifieds, the original is one of the most customizable Classified ads program that exist for PHP and MySQL. It has been around since 1998 and was the first PHP Classifieds script introduced in the world. It has had over 1.000.000 downloads from version v1.

Extrafields (Searchable), Unlimited Images (Imagmagick, GD or normal), unlimited categories and much much more makes it perfect for those who wants to set up a used stamps classifieds to those wanting to show and sell real estates.

Take a look at the features, or why not take our demo for a testride? If you have any questions, ask in our popular Discussion board, or open up a support ticket

Everything included for $ 349 USD completely open for customize by you. Most of our competitors (on the same feature level) takes from $600 and up because you need to purchase extra modules which is by default included into PHP Classifieds from DeltaScripts. Also be aware of copycats that sell our old versions of our script to $80-$90 USD (those versions was free from us before).  

Download and payment

You can purchase PHP Classifieds from our product page.

Live demonstration

You can test PHP Classifieds in our Live demo. Please note that many things, specially in admin area, will not work in order to avoid the demo install from being destroid. There will not be any messages, you will just see that pushing Create and other buttons just doesn't give any response. Try it out here:

User side:

Admin area:
User Name: admin Password: admin


Frontpage View of PHP Classifieds      Detailed View of PHP Classifieds

Detailed View of PHP Classifieds      Detailed View of PHP Classifieds Detailed View of PHP Classifieds      Detailed View of PHP Classifieds 

Requirements for PHP Classifieds

Check out our requirements for PHP Classifieds. PHP, MySQL is the most important ones you have to have installed. Almost every webhost will support our program out of the box.

Documentation and support

We have tried to build a detailed manual:

Also, we have made a knowledgebase area that will be able to answer the most common questions and problems that users may have during install.

Our forum is the next reccomended method to solve any problems.

If you are still stuck, or have questions for us, please open a support ticket:

PHP Classifieds runs with MySQL database Both PHP version 4 and version 5 supported

Live Demo
Launch User Area!
- Version 7.6

Launch Admin Area!
- Version 7.6
- User: admin
- Pass: admin

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