Topic: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

We are working with finding the best method to do this and I would like to get your views on this.

My thoughs are like this:



OR SOMETHING ELSE (the word category or ad is included before the name):


Any suggestions? You can check this forum on one way to do it. The boring part with SEO url's is that the url can become very large and at one point, the titles or category names must be shorten.

With regards to performance, it is best to include *.html (doesn't need to check the database on every pageview) or include "ads" or "categories" in the url.

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Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

the _ between words is not good because google take it as a long word, it's better to use a - to separate words
I think the better way is

Please test all the special caracteres like àéèçùüûê.......

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Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

Point taken with the "-" instead of "_".

That is also an issue yes.. non-english characters, have three of them in our own language and could be pretty difficult to follow up in every country, a nigthmare..

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Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

Agree on - over _ … _sold.html
or … at_is_sold

Pref for these two

Without keyword stuffing its better to have 5-6 words the user is searching on

Ie cars for sale

nissan car   (searchable 300zx nissan for sale)

automotive / car / nissan / nissan-300zx-for-sale.html


DVD disney (searchable for princess dvd kids movie)

dvd / kids / PG / princess-dvd-cheap.html

Would be a great feature but I guess hard to do would be to remove or allow a filter here

Idea is under SEO to remove the noise words like

is, and, the

If you look at your stats from user searches you will find a lot of noise words that really dont bring you any traffic.


Fish Tank for Sale and accessories

Selling a cheap fish tank and accessories

title is Fish Tank for Sale and accessories

cat / animals / fish / accessories / Fish-Tank-for-Sale-and-accessories

so can we have a filter to remove the for, and from the above url.

Also it needs to be lower case with the

RewriteEngine on
RewriteMap upper2lower int:tolower
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ /${upper2lower:$1}

so now its

cat / animals / fish / accessories / fish-tank-sale-accessories

only the keywords need appear

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Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

1.- The better - to separate words. More rapid and read best.
Or could to make configurable since administrative area for use "-" or "_"

2.- Categories:

3.- Ads:

4.- Too is necessary to considere the redirection since current to new links.

5.- To Change Special characters to ascii characters:
áâà...  ---> a
éêè... ----> e
ñ --------> n

6.- Limiting the number of characters in the title of ads to limit the length of the link. Configurable from the administrative area.

7.- Limiting the minimum and maximum number of characters to describe the ads, in order to get a piece for "meta_description", configurable from the administrative area.

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Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

Are, i agree too with Dax about use a - to separate words and think that the best link is

About the problem of characters, i find just this solution:
This could be used to remove the noise words like "is, and, the" that swapshop told too. But it must exist an easier way to make this work, i think.

it would be interesting if users, images, etc, could follow these kind of URLs: where username is "Are Haugsdal - Delta Scripts" at id #54. to open the third large image of this ad #21 for the thumbnail of the third img for ratemember; for contact; for rate an ad

and keep following these methods... Thats my suggestions. smile


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Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

ARE, i agre with DAX and Duquebilly...

i vote for make the link:



i disagree in put the link with extension, i think the link without extension IS MORE SECURE.
and if the images names can have the same name as the link, it will be perfectly SEO


and Change Special characters to ascii characters as say DAX.
another thing is to make a good debug of the script, cuz if a new mod is added like -page with numbers- or something than use the GET method (URL), it couldn't work, the SEO of v7.6 needs to be stable to be "easy" escalable.

and as say swapshop:
remove the noise words like: is, and, the, etc..... (customizable by admin, for language compatibility)

God bless u ARE !!

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Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

clonick, why links without extension is more secure? I didnt know this...
If its really more secure, it will be better to be without extension indeed. But if its possible, i would like to know the possible vulnerabilities of a link with an extension...

ARE, clonick had a great idea! If its possible to create a field at admin panel to list these noise words, it would be perfect! (so admin could write a list based in his site`s language)

(page with numbers will come in place of "next page" in v7.6? thats much better in my oppinion!) smile

My last suggestion about this is to show these "SEO URLs" in all the places where links appear. For ex., in tellafriend messages, breadcrumb, in the e-mail notice of new ads, etc...


Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

I don't see how this is more secure? At best, there is no security benefit, if you don't have extension included, you can add your own and compomise the system. By expressing .html, is is far easier to demand correct syntax on rewrite query since you know that only the ad table needs to be queried.

"the link without extension IS MORE SECURE".

The list with characters can't be based on what is in this forum, as every language has their own characters. The best suggestion is to put option in admin area, but this will not be bullet-proof. One method is to convert non-english charactert to "_" or something unless a convert is suggested in admin area.

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Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

If you convert non-english character to "_" there is no point to do the rewriting because the words won't correspond to any research cause they will not exist!
So I wonder why you want to do the rewrite only for english users, there are lot of European users, do not rush out of the 7.6 just to get rid of, perfects because otherwise you will receive full support request !

for most users we just need these changes:
à â ä ã å æ   >>> a
ç                 >>> c
é è ê ë         >>> e
î ï ì í             >>> i
ð                 >>> g
ñ                 >>> n
ô ö              >>> o
ù ú û ü         >>> u
²                 >>> 2
and for others special caracters like € ,% ,( ), " ,change them to "-"
we must also transform the capital letters in lowercase letters

just a question that has nothing to do with it, what about moderators for this board ? we ask you for it but no answer... I can be one if you need...

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Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

at clonic's message, this is not true "the link without extension IS MORE SECURE". because the real extension is not html or others, everybody already knows that, phpclassifieds based on php. so extension is not important for the security in seo, also i think .html extension is a good idea

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Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

here is my code to change title to url :

function no_accent($str) { return strtr($str,"ÀÁÂÃÄÅàáâãäåÒÓÔÕÖØòóôõöøÈÉÊËèéêëÇçÌÍÎÏìíîïÙÚÛÜùúûüÿÑñ","AAAAAAaaaaaaOOOOOOooooooEEEEeeeeCcIIIIiiiiUUUUuuuuyNn"); }

function make_url($titre) {
    $url = strtolower(no_accent($titre));
    $url = str_replace('œ','oe',$url);
    $url = str_replace('æ','ae',$url);
    $url = trim(preg_replace('`[^a-z0-9]`',' ',$url));
    $url = preg_replace('`[ ]{1,}`','-',$url);
    return $url;

i think that the better url structure is :
(no extention at the end)

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Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

ok ok, sry i was a little mistake :S big_smile

sry to all for the past sentence.


Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

I didn't understand,

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Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

Try this:

I've made it for PHPClassified v7.1c but it should work with new versions wink

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Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

eth_0, thank you for your mod. It was very useful for users from v7.1 to v7.5 and so many people looked for it. Your download link was broken, so i`ve made it available here.

Are already implemented in v7.6 a new cool rewrite engine that works pretty fine too.

Best regards,

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Re: SEO URL - How do you want it to work in 7.6?

for SEO your URL must have "-"

website design and development services

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