Topic: "Search" is not working perfectly

I found that the "search" function is not working perfectly in both v.3 and v.4.

Anybody has similar problem and/or solution?


Re: "Search" is not working perfectly


What is the problem ? The search is pretty simple, so I can

Re: "Search" is not working perfectly

Yes, I agree, it should work.

However, when I key in words from the categories (complete phrase), I get strange results. Also, I must key in exact word from the Title (Items) to get a meaningful result, eg. if the title is "books", I will not get any result if I key in "book"; I have to key in "books".

I cannot see what I have done wrong at this stage...


Re: "Search" is not working perfectly


The sql statements does always search on parts of string:

Lets say you search for olvo in The result wil give all cars that are of Volvo brands. If you search for o, it will return all brands that have an o in it.

You do not need to have more exact hit.

Re: "Search" is not working perfectly

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