Topic: Compressing javascripts

I ran the Google Page Insight test for my php classifieds site and noticed it is really slow on loading. Then based on the recommendations provided by Page insights, I compressed the javascript files which ended up as scriptaculous.js.gz, prototype.js.gz, lightbox.js.gz, dtree.js.gz. Then I changed these file names in the scriptheaders.tpl in admin panel.

And also leveraged the browser caching with the .htaccess file (adding a line - ExpiresByType text/x-javascript "access 1 month")

However my site stopped working after this change & therefore I went back to uncompressed versions of the javascript files. Also restored original scriptheaders.tpl file plus the original .htaccess file.

My issue is still I get the previously modified version of the scriptheaders.tpl.php file in /public_html/admin/config/templates_c. Even if I deleted this file then again it restores the modified version.

I have flushed my browser cache & tried but still the problem is there. How can I get rid of this modified file being created in templates_c folder?  By the way I host with hostgator

Thanks in anticipation of someone's advice.

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