Topic: Pre-sale Question

I didn't see these questions asked anywhere else.

1.  I was wondering if PHPLinks has an option for payment?    I didn't see it in the demo.  Can I charge someone to post a link?  Or offer a combination of Free and Paid links?

2.  I made a test account and posted a pic.  Where does the pic show up?  I like this option, but I didn't see any pics in the demo.

3.  When will this script be updated?  Has the link issue been corrected?  (when clicking on Latest Links, Best Rated, there is a page error).

4.   I am looking for something very similar to PHP LINK but with option to add address, phone, website, etc.    Or something like Custom Fields.   Will something like this be available in the future?

I really like this script.   Just wondering about those things.

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