Topic: PHP Links v1.4

PHP Links has been downloaded a couple of thosand times now, and we want to know what you would like in the script (new features).

Some of them are already mentioned, but are there more?

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Re: PHP Links v1.4

Hi Are
I am trying to install PHP Links on localhost but keep getting error

Step 1  >>  Step 2  >>  Step 3  >>  Step 4 


MySQL Tables Configuration & File Configuration

Checking phplinks_admins

Can't create/write to file '\xampp\tmp\#sql_147c_0.MYI' (Errcode: 13)

Could you pls advise. Can you let me have the text version of the database file. Also have the same problem with PHP Shop. Is there anyway to integrate all three of them. I have been running ShetlandClassifieds for quite some time now but want to integrate all these three. Any help would be highly appreciated. Regards
A Khalique

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Re: PHP Links v1.4

I have installed 1.3

but i have small problem.
i have greate a new Member and logged in my site. But don't have logout link. where is member logout link? how fix this problem please help me.

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Re: PHP Links v1.4


I like to use your script for free.
How do I get a download-code?

Kind regards


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