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Topic: II►A big lack in this script


In the admin panel the ads removal is too brutal: the user is not even informed why his ad has been removed (for example because his ad does not meet  some requirements) and he keeps waiting for the validation of his ad.

In some professional other classifieds ads scripts instead of deleting brutaly the ad, an email is send to the user telling him that his ad is not meeting the requirements and he just has to modify the ad if he wants it to be validated by the admin.

The admin just has to choose in a list (set by the owner of the site and script) a  reason why the ad would not be validated yet.

otherwise it should also be clever to inform the user that his ad was deleted too !!!

How to do this ?


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Re: II►A big lack in this script

I may do for you an easy trick. I may do that email message will be sent to the user if admin deletes user's ad from admin panel. Open a ticket, send me there your details to the server: ftp access, access to phpMyAdmin and access to admin panel of PHP Classifieds.

If you need anything more difficult I may do that as custom development. Then please send email message to me.

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Re: II►A big lack in this script


Finally, you should just better think about it for the next version.

I think it is very important for a classified ads script! isn'it?

Just have a look at any other script and you will see that is so.

Best Regards

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