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Topic: Error Your browser did not report....

Hi, I'm using the google translator so apologize for mistakes. The problem is the following ... I do not use norton and get the following error "Your browser Did not report correct to refer (disable Norton and push refresh in browser)" but only in Mozilla Firefox,  in Opera, internet explorer, chrome and safari does not happen. also disable the addons but not solved. What will be the problem? someone will step? it could solve?
I am using version 7.5


Hola, estoy usando el traductor de google asi que sepan disculpar los errores. El problema es el siguiente... yo no uso norton y sale el siguiente error  "Your browser did not report correct refereer (disable Norton and push Refresh in browser)" pero solo en mozilla firefox, en opera, internet explorer, chrome y safari no ocurre esto. ademas deshabilite los addons pero tampoco se soluciona. Cual sera el problema? a alguien le paso? lo pudo solucionar? estoy utilizando la version 7.5

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Re: Error Your browser did not report....

Can someone tell me what the solution was for this error as i have the same problem and im new here searching for the very solution..

Contact: brw@live.com.au

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Re: Error Your browser did not report....

Can you please create a ticket and I will help you.