Topic: Introduction of Themes / Templates for PhpC

Imagine PHPC with a theme system, like Wordpress and other CMS...

Just an initial idea... Centralize in a folder /themes/default, every .tpl, layout_images and css files that phpc brings by default. Through an option at admin panel, we could select another theme like "Red", "eBay", "Craiglist", "tableless", or whatever is created for phpc and made available on the Internet for download.

To apply a theme, admin just need to upload the downloaded theme folder to /themes and activate it at admin panel! smile
If it works fine, in future releases some themes could even be part of the oficial package...

What do you guys think about it?

Best regards,
Anderson Clayton

Re: Introduction of Themes / Templates for PhpC

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Re: Introduction of Themes / Templates for PhpC

Yes, its definitely much quieter that it used to be - I guess everyone's waiting for the final version of v7.6

You already know my thoughts on themes, but for the benefit of the phpc community I'll repeat them here.

I principle I think its a great idea.

In practice, because of the way phpc seems to be being developed, the templates developed for one version would almost certainly not work on the next. As well as template files it would probably be necessary to use a different css file for each theme, not an insurmountable problem but something to be considered.

In my opinion the whole development needs to be more structured. If, for example, within a major version (say phpc 8.xx) it was guaranteed that there would be no template changes, then theme developers would have some guarantee that there would be a reasonably long term market for their efforts.

The default look of phpc could certainly do with a makeover, it's been pretty much unchanged for years!


Re: Introduction of Themes / Templates for PhpC

Hey, Andy. We talk about it through email, but thanks to share ur oppinion here too.

My expectancy is that from version 7.6 the template system could be maintained with that structure, so we can create themes without worry.

I developed a complete layout for phpc which is still in xhtml+css and want to implement it, but I dont know yet in which version should I do it. Im thinking about make a second layout (frontpage, details, cats, member area, etc) and wondering that if we all work together, we can create some nice themes, perhaps even using a theme system that I proposed at the beginning of this topic.

Well... This idea could enhance this product, help a lot of us and turn phpc much more valuable.

best regards,

Re: Introduction of Themes / Templates for PhpC

From it's bith over ten years ago, the program has 4 templates. I don't feel that is a lot and unstructrued smile The design has gone from pure html, to contain javascript+html+css. The latest templates changes has been to remove the html-tables used for design purposes.

The reason why I have not gone for making many themes myself is that it would be needed rework to keep it up to date. And many sites have their own design anyhow. One thing I could have been interested in, is to have an alternative, simplier template withouth any special grahpics. But for now, I'm pretty mutch busy with code smile The plan is to build on current code long into v7 code and also if/when a 8 version is developed. There isn't any plans for 8 version.

Re: Introduction of Themes / Templates for PhpC

Are, would it be simple for u to create an option in admin area to switch theme?

For ex., if we make one or two new layouts and things work like my first post in this topic, phpc could offer a DropDown so users can switch between layouts just with 2 clicks or smtg like that?