Topic: Installation Problme, Help Me Pls <<< New Babieeeeeeee>>>>

Since i new to script, some one help me pls.

I have uploaded these files to server and got the error message as follows;
Welcome to PHP Classifieds installer
This install program will take you through all the steps needed to get PHP Classifieds up and running in no time.

Possible PHPSuexec on your server
PHP Classifieds tries to guess what kind of file permissions your server suppoerts. Our simple test shows that you are running PHP as a binary. Due to that, there is a good chance that this means you are running PHP in PHPSuexec mode. In such environments, the setting called chmod 777 isn

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Re: Installation Problme, Help Me Pls <<< New Babieeeeeeee>>>>

You must turn off register_globals, just as the script says. It is not an error in the script, it is an requirement on your server to protect your website.